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The Management Development Program (MDP) is American Institute of Extended Studies’ (AIES) endorsed program and qualifications being offered in Nigeria in partnership with McTimothy Associates Consulting LLC. It is meant to give professional qualifications to Managers & Business Leaders in recognition of their competence in managing successful businesses and to add added/advanced competencies to enable then succeed even better. It will enable participants to demonstrate practical knowledge, understanding and advanced competencies in their management and strategic roles.

  • Designation : CSEM
  • Duration: 10 Days (5 days in-class & 5 days online)
  • Location: The Professional Place, 12b, Olumoroti Street, Gbagada Phase 2, By Gbagada Expressway, Gbagada.
Course Overview

The Certified Senior Executive Management (CSEM) is designed to provide the advanced competencies required by today’s senior management team/leaders in Medium and Large Corporations, as well as Enterprises (SMEs). CME uses a combination of AIES’s Business Edge & learning methodology and the McTimothy Associates’ program designed modules.
Are you a good manager or a great one? In fact you have no choice but to become a great manager. How else can you create value in your organization and sustain it over time? How else can you engage your people and retain them? In a business environment characterized by higher degree of uncertainty and competition, fast changing customers’ needs, less and less employee loyalty, more stringent government rules and regulations, you cannot afford but to be a great manager. This course elaborates what it takes to become a great manager by focusing on two distinct managerial requirements: first developing business and economic acumen without which no manager can make value adding decisions, and second by bringing out the best in people.

Course Methodology

This is a course rich with new ideas, concepts and practical skills. It uses a combination of effective techniques that participants will enjoy and appreciate. The adopted techniques will include the following:

  • Lectures
  • Case studies
  • Real life stories
  • Discussion
  • Video films
  • Online courses
Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Manage tomorrow, today by making more informed decisions that contribute to strengthening the organization’s competitive advantage.
  • Develop their business acumen by applying managerial economic analysis and drive business impact.
  • Apply in their own workplaces the best practices of great managers.
  • Understand strategic financial planning & management
  • Bring out the best in people by acting as a ‘multiplier’ rather than a ‘diminisher’.
  • Turn themselves into ‘blue ocean’ managers that are able to close the gap between the potential and the realized talent and energy of people they lead.
Target Audience
  • Middle managers seeking senior management role
  • Senior managers with needs to develop advanced competencies
  • Section/business unit heads
  • Individuals moving to C-level roles
Target Competencies
  • Analytical thinking
  • Economic analysis
  • Decision making
  • Communication
  • Adaptability skills
  • Leadership development
Course Modules
Modules Themes:
Module 1 Value Adding Management
Module 2 Developing Business Acumen and Generating Insights
Module 3 Strategic Financial Management
Module 4 Bringing Out the Best in Your People: Coaching with Executive Insight
Module 5 Distinguish Yourself; Become a Blue Ocean Manager
  • Designation : CSM
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Location: The Professional Place, 12b, Olumoroti Street, Gbagada Phase 2, By Gbagada Expressway, Gbagada.
Course Overview

Building effective managerial and leadership skills is critical to help you and your organization and yourself succeed. This course is designed to help both experienced managers develop advanced skills necessary to add immediate value to their staff, organization and personal life.

Course Methodology

This course relies on the use of individual and group debriefs aimed at helping participants develop skills in leading and managing others. The course also features the use of a number of case studies and presentations by participants followed by plenary discussions. In addition, videos and team exercises are used to demonstrate the skills required for effective management.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the leadership and managerial skills necessary for increasing organizational productivity
  • Apply effective coaching and appraisal techniques
  • Employ problem solving tools to overcome organizational obstacles
  • Solve conflicts using win-win approaches
  • Create plans to manage change leading to continuous improvement
  • Develop effective time management action plans
Target Audience

Experienced Managers, senior supervisors, business leaders, and owners who want to learn advanced management and leadership techniques.

Target Competencies
  • Leading others
  • Managing performance
  • Problem solving ability
  • Influencing others
  • Managing change
  • Coaching skills
  • Conflict management
Course Modules
Modules Themes:
Module 1 Management and leadership
Module 2 Coaching and appraising performance
Module 3 Managerial Problem solving and decision-making techniques
Module 4 Change Management & People Development
Module 5 Managing time and meetings
  • Designation : CMP
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Location: The Professional Place, 12b, Olumoroti Street, Gbagada Phase 2, By Gbagada Expressway, Gbagada.
Course Overview

In today’s complex work environment, becoming a supervisor or a manager demands new skills and new approaches to getting things done. New managers and supervisors must learn how to lead, motivate, and accomplish tasks effectively and efficiently through others.

By attending this course, you will learn how to lead by using the situational leadership model which ,when combined with interactive exercises will take you through the paces of motivation, delegation, and decision making. You will also learn how to stay focused and on track with your goals and objectives using effective time and stress management tools and techniques.

Course Methodology

This course uses the active-cooperative interactive methods in adult learning such as simulation exercises, lectures and presentations, case studies, and role plays. Also several video segments in the related topics will be displayed and discussed.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Discover their role as new managers or supervisors
  • Apply different leadership styles to successfully lead and motivate their employees
  • Empower employees through motivation and delegation
  • Create and manage winning teams
  • Manage self, time, and stress in a restless work environment
  • Apply new tools and techniques to improve problem solving and decision making
Target Audience

New managers or supervisors, prospective managers or supervisors, and managers or supervisors with some experience but no formal training who wish to improve their managerial skills.

Target Competencies
  • Planning and organizing
  • Team leadership
  • Motivation
  • Delegation
  • Decision making
Course Modules
Modules Themes:
Module 1 New Roles New Responsibilities
Module 2 Building Teams & Leadership Development
Module 3 Managing People for Results
Module 4 Time and Stress Management Techniques
Module 5 Creative problem-solving & Decision making

Note: Other modules are available for organizations who wish to customize training for their staff in our tailored program. Please call 08150425712 or email for details.

Program Options

Sales & Marketing Certification Courses Advance Diploma Executive Diploma Enterprise Development Program (EDP) Management Development Program (MDP) Open Workshops

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Before beginning the registration process, we ask that you familiarize yourself with AIES programs and decide whether you would like to declare candidacy for a Professional Program or pursue an Executive Diploma or Advanced Diploma. As these programs are aimed at candidates with varying academic qualifications, acceptance into the Executive Diploma or Advanced Diploma will be based on your previous educational qualifications. If you wish to check your level of entry, can email academy@mctimothyassociates.comwith scanned copies of their highest qualifications.

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