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  • Designation : CBM
  • Duration: 30 Days
  • Location: The Professional Place, 12b, Olumoroti Street, Gbagada Phase 2, By Gbagada Expressway, Gbagada.
Course Overview

The Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management (CEM) Program has been designed as an enriching and dynamic program for tight scheduled business owners of existing businesses and those still in full time employment but considering the venturing process into entrepreneurship. This program will develop and strengthen your entrepreneurial spirit and managerial capabilities to succeed faster.

Course Objectives
  • To engage those who are considering the venturing process to have a smooth learning experience while still in employment.
  • To set the foundation for the implementation of suitable systems and structures to ensure long-term sustainability of entrepreneurial ventures.
  • To help the Entrepreneur and her organization to be better prepared in accessing finance for growth.
  • Provide the networks for access to new markets to deliver valuable products and services.
Program Structure

The program will be delivered in modular form and further categorized into the online and class structure. This modular structure allows entrepreneurs to spread their skill development over a period of four months, 15days online and 15days in class, making the program compatible with their work schedules and giving them time to implement the action plans they draw from each course in their businesses.

Course Design

The CEM Blended program is designed to give flexibility to entrepreneur or those busy executives in full time employment who are planning to start their own business and will aid your learning in the unconventional way. This program will run for 30 days and will be delivered through the following platforms: IN-CLASS & ONLINE E-LEARNING PLATFORM

Course Modules
Modules Themes:
Module 1 Essentials of Entrepreneurship
Module 2 Managing Regulatory, Legal, and Tax Matters
Module 3 Managing Operations Faster, Better and Efficiently
Module 4 Managing Sales & Marketing
Module 5 Business Strategies & Implementation
Module 6 Developing Financial Records
Module 7 Excellent Customer Service
Module 8 Managing Your People: Developing Leadership Essentials
Module 9 Understanding Business Ethics
Module 10 Using Technology in Your Business
Module 11 Exploring Growth Strategies
Module 12 Developing Winning Business Plan
Course Fee ₦250,000
  • Designation : EMS
  • Duration: 30 Days
  • Location: The Professional Place, 12b, Olumoroti Street, Gbagada Phase 2, By Gbagada Expressway, Gbagada.
Course Overview

Executive Management Skills (EMS) is designed to provide the skill-set required by today’s line managers/team leaders and business owners in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The EMS uses a combination of AIES’s cutting edge business methodology/learning system and the McTimothy Associates’ program designed modules from Sales/Marketing to Finance, Operations, Customer Service and Personnel management to equip change agents in the organization with the cutting-edge knowledge of business management.

Course Objectives

The purpose of the program is to empower the participants through practical and activity-based training, which can be implemented in their business or work environment.

Course Modules
Modules Themes:
Module 1 Effective Sales Marketing Management
Module 2 Human Resource Management
Module 3 Financial and Operations Management
Module 4 Customer Service Management
Module 5 Personal productivity Support
Module 6 Developing Entrepreneurial and Presentation Skills
Module 7 Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills
Module 7 Time and Stress Management
Course Fee ₦250,000

Note: Other modules are available for organizations who wish to customize training for their staff in our tailored program. Please call 08150425712 or email for details.

Program Options

Sales & Marketing Certification Courses Advance Diploma Executive Diploma Enterprise Development Program (EDP) Management Development Program (MDP) Open Workshops

Get Started

Before beginning the registration process, we ask that you familiarize yourself with AIES programs and decide whether you would like to declare candidacy for a Professional Program or pursue an Executive Diploma or Advanced Diploma. As these programs are aimed at candidates with varying academic qualifications, acceptance into the Executive Diploma or Advanced Diploma will be based on your previous educational qualifications. If you wish to check your level of entry, can email training@mctimothyassociates.comwith scanned copies of their highest qualifications.

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